Buddy Program

Buddy Program

What is a Buddy?

Buddies protect and assist the player in batting and running the bases (if needed), are a friend on and off the field and most importantly help the athlete focus on his or her abilities.


The Buddy program has great impact on all participants. Buddies and players alike learn valuable skills like patience, understanding and compassion. By providing players with a Buddy, parents can enjoy watching their son or daughter play the game and also allows them time to socialize with other parents. Buddies partner with a player’s parents to ensure the specific needs of their son or daughter are met on the field.

We need Buddies for every game!

Who is eligible to be a Buddy and what’s the process to apply?

Buddies must be 10 years of age and older, adults are welcome!  Volunteering on a regular basis and being a Buddy for a particular athlete allows both the athlete, volunteer and athlete’s parents/caregivers an opportunity to really get the most out of the program. Buddies can communicate their availability with the Volunteer Coordinator and directly with an athlete’s parents.

To apply to be a Buddy, you must register each season. If you are over 18, you must also complete a background check. Instructions on where to send the application are included on the Volunteer form. (Forms are posted prior to each season).

What is expected of a Buddy?

Buddies need to be energetic, committed and enthusiastic for each game. Buddies are a player’s biggest supporter on and off the field for the season. We encourage buddies to keep a consistent schedule. This allows for Miracle players to grow more comfortable with their new friends. Buddies are responsible for their individual player on the field. Safety is always a priority.

On game days:

  • Buddies are expected to protect the player at all times.
  • When a hard hitter is up at bat, Buddies are to step in front of the player for protection.
  • Always allow the player as much freedom as possible to play his/her game and position. Focus on abilities.
  • Run around the bases with the player or provide appropriate assistance (example, if player is in a wheelchair, push them around the bases).
  • Assist the player according to their needs.
  • Notify the Miracle League Volunteer Coordinator or player’s parents at least 24 hours prior to game time if unable to attend the game.
  • Demonstrate high morals and integrity on and off the field.
  • Have fun with the player and enjoy the game

What’s it Like to be a Buddy?

This video, even though it’s from the San Diego league, shows firsthand what it’s like to be a buddy and focuses on some of the important points.

Do Buddies stay with the same player all season?

In order to encourage friendships and establish a level of comfort, staying with the same athlete or team for the entire season is recommended. However, we also welcome Buddies who may not be able to attend each game and would want to assist wherever help is needed.

Is there special training involved?

Buddies will attend a brief training course before the season starts. This training provides guidelines, suggestions, and directions on how to have fun and make the experience safe and enjoyable.

Can Buddies receive credit for service hours?

Buddies can receive credit and, if necessary, a written recommendation towards service hour requirements for school or other organizations upon completion of a full season. If credit hours need to be documented, please advise the Volunteer Coordinator.